lördag 14 juni 2008

I´ve been taged

By http://rosemcdigiscrap.blogspot.com/
Nice I think, my links come soon, the once that I want to tag I mean.

I have to think about 7 things about me.

This is what I´ll have to do:

1. Link my tagger and list these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about myself...some weird, some random.
3. I must tag 7 people at the end of this post with links to their blogs.
4. Leave a comment on their blog telling them I tagged them.

Okey, here we go.
1. I have been digiscrappi´n since december 2005, but I started with common scrapbooking first.
2. I can´t live without my morning coffee!! I´ll go acually crazy if we don´t have coffee, but we always have coffee at home. *LOL*
3. I love listen to music.
4. My children are sick with a cromosomthing called 22q11 syndrome. I have the deseese to.
5. I like to listen to soundbooks.
6. I snoore :-)
7. I don´t like when it is winter.

My 7 linkbacks comes soon.

Hugs Cissi

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